Tracking in Westwood, CA – 3.2.13

Currently working on an EP with a talented singer/songwriter out of LA.  The music style is a kind of pop rock mix with elements of R&B and even some Blues.  Will post music samples soon.  Until then, here are a couple pics from our session last Saturday.


The Blue Baby Bottle condensor microphone sounds great on the high end frequencies, which is perfect to throw over the hi hat and snare. Really able to capture those crisp hi hat notes and the snappy rim shots with this setup.


Still going with the Sennheiser e902 kick drum mic. All it takes is this guy to get a solid thump, and when absolutely needed, we add a bit of sample kick from the Steven Slate Drum pack to get a bit more high end punch.


Loving the current recording setup. DAW, Compressor and Preamp all in one case, a case for cables, a case for mics, and the laptop, and we’re off to the studio to make records. Nice!


There’s just way too much going on here. But man does that Gibson ES 137 sound great through that Marshall cab… mmmm hmmmm

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