Pro Tools Arrange Concept

Finding the right field placement for your Pro Tools audio can be a challenge, especially to the beginner mixing engineer. We are curious to learn if there is a product out there that allows you to see the audio spectrum visually. The above sketch is a concept developed by Blue House Records, that allows the Pro Tools user to analyze audio placement via a visual interface. We have yet to see an application of this sort, but feel it would come in handy!! *hint hint Avid developers. 🙂

In theory, the functionality would go as follows:

1. User assigns “Pro Tools Arrange” as send for each desired audio track
2. User clicks “Window” -> “Pro Tools Arrange” to view Arrange window
3. Pro Tools routes selected audio tracks to Pro Tools Arrange, analyzes panning, decibal level, and frequency (hz) of each track, depicting a visual image of complete audio spectrum
4. User can make adjustments to EQ, panning, fader volume of each track to balance mix.

Keep it funky,

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