Featured Artist: Tom Edwards

Tom Edwards

Tom Edwards

Small town roots with a big world perspective – Tom Edwards combines the personality and character of your favorite hometown artist with the adventurous spirit of a seasoned traveler.

For Edwards, music began in high school, performing for friends and family in southern Ohio.  In 2007, Edwards teamed up with brother and talented guitarist Rob Edwards to form the acoustic rock group Failure Savvy.  The group developed into a popular touring act, gaining widespread acclaim across the midwest performing cover tunes and original music at local venues and talent filled festivals such as the Paper City Music Festival.  In the years since, one might find Edwards and friends roaming the country, performing for audiences in more than 10 states, spreading a warm blend of acoustic pop/rock with a good dose of southern Ohio soul. 

This year, Edwards is taking his music international with Artists Abroad.  Artists Abroad will follow Edwards and long time friends Corey Gahm (percussionist) and Aaron Littler (photographer) as they explore the globe, spanning 4 continents and spreading great music along the way.  The trip will be well documented with updates, photos, and music to be recorded onsite at exotic locations throughout the Eastern Hemisphere.

Stay tuned for updates on Artists Abroad here: www.artistsabroad.org

And connect with Tom Edwards here:

Twitter Facebook YouTube 


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