Our Story

For Travis Tatman, the saying that “all great things start in a garage or basement” rings true.

Tatman originally started making music for friends, family and fun, using a simple four-track Tascam recorder in the comfort of his parents’ basement. Demo tracks were recorded, mixed and shared; weekend hangouts with friends would turn into anything from 90s rock sing-alongs to outlandish freestyle hip-hop sessions. Tatman would mix drums, guitars, vocals and piano, then bounce the tracks several times over to make room for more instruments. The process was tedious, but the desire to learn persisted.

At 16 years old, Tatman stepped into Studio B at The Recording Workshop in Massieville, OH, and instantly realized his hobby had evolved into a passion. Fascinated by the wood panel flooring, the beautiful grand piano, the 5-piece drum set surrounded by high quality microphones, the enormous analog mixing board with seemingly endless faders, pan knobs and LED lights. He wanted it all, but had a long way to go.

In 2004, a college friend introduced Tatman to the audio engineering platform Pro Tools. Tatman spent hours on end developing skills in Pro Tools and other audio tools, allowing him to gain valuable experience in audio recording, mixing and production. Starting with friends, family, and local musicians, Tatman began producing more complex, commercially viable music, working with artists to develop their sound in pursuit of their musical goals.

Tatman began performing with a rock quartet, The Maplestar Classic, in 2004.  Formed at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, the band quickly developed into a successful live act, packing Ohio nightclubs, rocking 2-hour sets of popular covers and original music. In 2010, the band released their first full-length album, entitled The Get Down. Tatman established credits as percussionist, producer, recording and mixing engineer on the project, with support from audio engineer Rick Burrage, and mastering work by Ryan Smith of Sterling Sound in New York City. The album was featured in stores throughout Ohio, and continues to draw digital downloads and social media activity.

The success of previous work led Tatman to establish Blue House Records, LLC, in Los Angeles, CA. BHR provides expert solutions in the form of audio engineering and production, and brings to the table a wealth of knowledge and experience in developing the careers of artists.


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