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Exclusive New Release: Aqua Vista by Alexa Merrill

859710107017_cover.170x170-75When LA singer/songwriter Alexa Merrill stepped into
Blue House Records studios, we knew we had found a focused young woman with a clear musical vision. Aqua Vista, her latest EP released this Summer, was pre-recorded and produced by Merrill as a demo using GarageBand software. Merrill had composed 5 musically elaborate tracks, complete with string arrangements, intricate percussion patterns, powerful overdubbed guitars and vocal melodies that seemed to move flawlessly across a wide harmonic range. These exploratory compositions ranged in style from American Rock to elements of Indie and Folk Rock, Pop, Soul, and R&B, and carried heavy lyrical power with words surrounding many of the developmental and life changing experiences associated with today’s youth and young adults; transition, loss, relationships, and difficult life choices.

After months of work and many hours spent perfecting each track, we are proud to present Aqua Vista, the second EP from Alexa Merrill and a glimpse at what’s to come from this talented young musician. (Check out “Tracking Vocals” and “Tracking in Westwood, CA” for behind the scenes photos and information on the making of Aqua Vista.)

Stream samples of Aqua Vista at our Audio Samples page , or visit the Alexa Merrill Music Youtube page at: www.youtube.com/user/alexamerrillmusic/featured

Stream Aqua Vista on Spotify here:

Download Aqua Vista on iTunes here:   Click for Aqua Vista

Aqua Vista was recorded, mixed and produced at Blue House Records studios in Los Angeles, CA.