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Where Do You See Your Music?

How important is associating your music with video, products, experiences?  Music associated with a film, television episode, commercial product, or experience can induce an emotional attachment, dramatically extending the life of a song, an album, or a career.  We’re willing to bet you have a list of songs that you can associate with movies, TV shows, products you’ve purchased, places you’ve visited.  This is why music placement, licensing and the role of music supervisors are so important in the development of commercial music.

What music has impacted your life?  What are you reminded of when you listen to your favorite jams?  Below are a few examples of music that we associate with video, products and past experiences:

Song:  Lookin’ Out My Back Door by Creedance Clearwater Revival

Connection:  This diddy is featured in the Coen Brothers’ movie The Big Lebowski, where The Dude crashes his car into a dumpster, and discovers Larry’s homework.  For some of us this scene was our first exposure to CCR.  Now we’re mega fans.  Duh.

Song: Sal Pa Fuera by Puya

Connection:  Bet you’ve never heard this jam before.  It’s a high energy rock track, with salsa/metal/punk? style vocals, and entirely in Spanish.  We don’t understand a single word, even after several years of college spanish, but there is an exciting emotional attachment, since this song was placed in the motocross film Fox Terrafirma 5, which our founder was into at the time.  Released in the late 90’s, this song never fails to get the blood pumping, and holds a permanent spot on our hard rock playlist.

Song:  Phenomena by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Connection:  Featured in the 2013 Cadillac ATS TV Spot below, the song reminded us of why we dig the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and why Cadillac’s marketing team rocks.

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